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I am Rebecca Richardson. I'm a senior mortgage consultant with Wyndham capital, and I'm here with a client of mine, Francis, and just want to take a couple of minutes about the mortgage process and the importance of having the right people alongside you.

Francis and I met when she was purchasing a home for her and her children. She had found the right area that she wanted to be in and was trying to figure out kind of the plan. What was one of your biggest concerns?


One of my biggest concerns was to make sure that I had the right people around me that I could trust and they had my best interest. Because your home's a pretty big purchase. Yeah, so I had my mortgage banker, you and then my financial advisors and CPA, and it was really nice, how everyone worked together. And you were just right there whenever I had any questions. And so I think that is definitely a must just to have a really good team behind you. Because it makes a difference.


Absolutely. Because it's what it is supposed to be, you know, it's not really a mortgage it is a transaction. I mean, the house is the fun part. That's the part that we dream about. That's the part that, you know, we all like to make plans around. But a lot of times, the mortgage can have a longer impact, because it's part of your debts, it's part of your assets. And that's part of the thing that I enjoy doing is working with clients like Francis who we can work on a long term plan beyond just getting in the house. Sometimes even questions come up after closing. So what are some of the things that we've talked about? You know, since then?


Well, actually, during the process, I want to add, it was really helpful because Rebecca ran several different numbers, several different scenarios, and didn't just lock me into one situation and took into account, you know, my needs and where might not be in five years, 10 years. So I thought that was very helpful for me to, you know, see it on paper and just visualize it because it's not something I do every day.


But it's a reason I have a job.


But it was really, I mean, the process was really, really smooth.


When sometimes we'll even have conversations after the fact of, you know, live rates low right now, sometimes that conversation is should I refinance? Or when tax bills come out? You know, again, you don't have to go over questions as Greg, I have an escrow account. I think my taxes are being paid. But walk me through that process when you know, once again, because I think when you're going through, there's so much information that gets fired at you. It's hard to kind of process at all,


I think I get an escrow bill in the mail. And I said Rebecca, what is this? She said, don’t worry, it's already taken care of, very very helpful.


Well, thank you for trusting us for sure. If you ever have any questions, I am here to help. I do really enjoy the process of kind of looking at your whole mortgage a little bit more holistically than again, just a transaction. If I can help, I would love to again, my name is Rebecca. I'm with Windham capital and I'll talk to you soon.

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