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3 Signs You’re Ready to Buy A Home & How To Make It Stress-Free

I get it, buying a home is exciting and intimidating.

All of the paperwork, all of the people you need to work with, all of the answers you don’t have.

But you might be more prepared than you think.

So today, I’m going to go over 3 signs that show me, as a lender, that a buyer is ready to start their home buying journey.

Plus, if you’re feeling stressed about starting the process, I’ll also break down 3 ways to remain calm and confident the entire time.

Here are 3 signs you’re ready to buy:

👉 You like where you live and can see yourself living there for at least several years.

👉 You feel secure in your job or your profession is in high demand.

👉 You have a basic monthly budget that works for you.

And now, let’s talk about preparation.

Feeling ready is a crucial part of this process.

So here are 3 steps I recommend every prospective homebuyer take before they get started.

🏠 Get pre-approved early and ideally with a lender whose pre-approval is pre-approved and reviewed by an underwriter.

This reduces the fear that your loan won’t get approved and gives you the confidence you need to know that you’re on the right track.

🏠 Find a lender with a great reputation and strong proactive communication.

It’s important to feel comfortable with your lender and know that they’re available to answer questions that you have along the way.

🏠 Talk with your realtor about how you’ll deal with things like a low appraisal or if the home needs repairs before you’re under contract.

You want to work with a realtor who’s ready for anything that comes their way. So don’t be afraid to ask questions about any complications you’re afraid of coming up or concerns you have along the way.

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