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Are You Nervous About Buying a Home

Hey, Rebecca here, just wanted to talk for a couple of minutes about fear and how I see that come up in the home buying process.

A lot of times we talk about the joy of home buying, it's the excitement, it's all the stuff that all the reality shows show. But after all the years of being the lender, a lot of times what I hear is honestly anxiety or fear or concern. And that looks like concerns about should you have your credit polled? Will you actually get approved? Will the house appraise? Are you buying too much? Are you looking at the right time? I think that my job as a lender is to speak to those fears to try to head them off with a good transparent process with good information, setting expectations, and frankly, just doing a good job, because buying houses is a big deal. Therefore, I totally understand those concerns and try to anticipate them. I think the thing is, don't be scared about getting a mortgage, because when you work with a professional that knows what they're doing and cares about the outcome, we're going to take good care of you, we're going to give you the answers that you need to make that next right decision.

Sometimes what that looks like is here Windham, we actually have a priority purchase program, which means that you can get pre approved for your loan all the way to the point of having an underwriter review your income assets, and all your documentation. Then, you're just waiting for the right house to come along. We do that at no cost. That's what taking care of our clients looks like, because we want that home buying process that going under contract to really be exciting, and to make sure that you can do that without fear.

Once again, my name is Rebecca Richardson. I'm a senior mortgage consultant with Windham capital mortgage and I'm here for you. Take care.

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